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SSC Junior Engineer Exam Paper – 2018 held on 22 Jan 2018 Morning Shift (General Awareness)

SSC Junior Engineer Exam Paper – 2018 held on 22 Jan 2018 Morning Shift (General Awareness)

QID : 51 – Preliminary expenses are the examples of ________.

1) Capital expenditure
2) Capital gain
3) revenue expenditure
4) deferred revenue expenditure
Correct Answer: Capital expenditure
QID : 52 – Which economic activity cannot be included in the tertiary sector?

1) Working in a call-centre
2) Tuition occupation
3) Bee-keeping
4) Banking
Correct Answer: Bee-keeping

QID : 53 – Which of the following statement is true for the Public Sector Unit?

1) Most of assets is owned by a group of people
2) Most of assets is owned by big companies
3) Most of assets is owned by government
4) Most of assets is owned by an individual
Correct Answer: Most of assets is owned by government

QID : 54 – The percentage of India’s population in the total population of the world as per 2011 census is: _______.

1) 17.5%
2) 18.01%
3) 19.35%
4) 20.25%
Correct Answer: 17.5%
QID : 55 – Which of the following five year plan of India recognized human development as the core of development efforts?

1) Eighth five year plan
2) Ninth five year plan
3) Tenth five year plan
4) Eleventh five year plan
Correct Answer: Eighth five year plan
QID : 56 – Which of the following thinker is associated with “the concept of political sovereignty”?

1) MacIver
2) Socrates
3) Rousseau
4) Plato
Correct Answer: Rousseau

QID : 57 – Who said, “A good citizen makes a good state and a bad citizen makes a bad state”?

1) Plato
2) Aristotle
3) G. B. Shaw
4) Rousseau
Correct Answer: Aristotle
QID : 58 – Panchayat Samiti at the block level in India is a/an _________.

1) Advisory Body
2) Coordinating Authority only
3) Supervisory Authority only
4) Administrative Authority
Correct Answer: Administrative Authority

QID : 59 – According to Indian Constitution, who decides the salary of members of Parliament?

1) Union Council of Ministers
2) Parliament
3) Supreme Court
4) President of India
Correct Answer: Parliament
QID : 60 – Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

1) Eighth Schedule : Languages
2) Second Schedule : Form of Oath of office
3) Fourth Schedule : Allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha
4) Tenth Schedule : Defection related provisions
Correct Answer: Second Schedule : Form of Oath of office

QID : 61 – When did the Chinese traveler ‘Sung Yun’ come to India?

1) 510 AD
2) 518 AD
3) 525 AD
4) 528 AD
Correct Answer: 518 AD

QID : 62 – Which among the following state ‘Odantpuri’ education center was situated?

1) Bengal
2) Gujarat
3) Bihar
4) Tamil Nadu
Correct Answer: Bihar
QID : 63 – Who was the founder of Bahmani Kingdom?

1) Hasan Gangu
2) Firoz Shah
3) Mahmud Gawan
4) Asaf Khan
Correct Answer: Hasan Gangu

QID : 64 – During whose rule in India did the Khilafat movement begin?

1) Lord Mountbatten
2) Lord Dalhousie
3) Lord Chelmsford
4) Lord Curzon
Correct Answer: Lord Chelmsford
QID : 65 – Who among the following was the founder of the Arya Mahila Samaj in the early 1880s?

1) Swami Dayananda Saraswati
2) Swami Vivekananada
3) Ramabai Ranade
4) Pandita Ramabai
Correct Answer: Pandita Ramabai
QID : 66 – Dasht-e Kavir Desert is located in which country?

1) Iran
2) Saudi Arab
3) Iraq
4) Sudan
Correct Answer: Iran
QID : 67 – Which of the following layers is called “Barysphere”?

1) Earth’s most internal layer
2) Earth’s intermediate layer
3) Earth’s topmost layer
4) Lowest part of the atmosphere where climate changes occur
Correct Answer: Earth’s most internal layer

QID : 68 – The Blue Nile river originates from which of the following lakes?

1) Lake Victoria
2) Lake Tana
3) Lake Edward
4) Lake Albert
Correct Answer: Lake Tana
QID : 69 – Which of the following states of India has the largest percentage of geographical area under forest as per the report of the Forest survey of India?

1) Manipur
2) Meghalaya
3) Mizoram
4) Nagaland
Correct Answer: Mizoram

QID : 70 – At which of the following towns the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi combines to form River Ganga?

1) Haridwar
2) Rishikesh
3) Rudraprayag
4) Devprayag
Correct Answer: Devprayag
QID : 71 – ‘Nirvana Fund’ was set up by NSDC for financial help to _________.

1) Entrepreneurs from the bottom rungs of society
2) Displaced Kashmiri Pandits
3) Old age people having no means of livelihood
4) Ventures of selected candidates trained under PMKVY but did not get any job.
Correct Answer: Ventures of selected candidates trained under PMKVY but did not get any job.
QID : 72 – Nakul Swasthya Patra’ is a scheme by the Government for which among the following purposes?

1) Wellness of animals
2) Wellness of animal owners
3) Taking care of lactating mother in the rural areas
4) Taking care of newborn babies in the rural areas
Correct Answer: Wellness of animals

QID : 73 – Which mine of India was in the news recently for becoming the country’s first iron-ore mine to have a solar plant for reducing carbon footprint?

1) Talchar mine
2) Koraput mine
3) Noamundi mine
4) Ratnagiri mine
Correct Answer: Noamundi mine

QID : 74 – Where will the Summer Olympics be held in 2028?

1) Sydney
2) Paris
3) Los Angeles
4) Copenhagen
Correct Answer: Los Angeles

QID : 75 – Which country has won the 2017 Davis Cup Tennis Tournament?

1) Switzerland
2) Serbia
3) France
4) Belarus
Correct Answer: France

QID : 76 – “You are Unique” is written by ______.

1) Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
2) Khushwant Singh
3) Taslima Nasrin
4) Arvind Adiga
Correct Answer: Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
QID : 77 – The third Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Distinguished Indologist Award for the year 2017 was awarded to Japanese professor ______.

1) Hiroshi Marui
2) Shimamaru Marui
3) Nagasaki Marui
4) Toyota Marui
Correct Answer: Hiroshi Marui
QID : 78 – Which of the following city has became first Indian city to get UNESCO’s world heritage city tag?

1) Jaipur
2) Ahmedabad
3) Gandhi Nagar
4) Allahabad
Correct Answer: Ahmedabad
QID : 79 – In June 2017, which of the following countries have signed a protocol of co-operation in the field of archive?

1) India and Israel
2) India and Portugal
3) India and Netherland
4) India and Iran
Correct Answer: India and Portugal

QID : 80 – India has signed an agreement to provide USD 318 million as line of credit for developing railway sector of which of the following country?

1) Bangladesh
2) Nepal 
3) China
4) Sri Lanka
Correct Answer: Sri Lanka

QID : 81 – Dot Matrix is a type of ______.

1) Tape
2) Disk
3) Printer
4) Bus
Correct Answer: Printer

QID : 82 – The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform ______.

1) Arithmetic operations
2) Logic operations
3) Fetch operations
4) All options are correct.
Correct Answer: All options are correct.

QID : 83 – In the modern periodic table metals, metalloids and non metals are found in which block?

1) s-Block
2) p-block
3) d-block
4) f-block
Correct Answer: p-block

QID : 84 – Cinnabar is ore of which of the following?

1) Magnesium
2) Aluminium
3) Mercury
4) Iron
Correct Answer: Mercury

QID : 85 – In which of the following mirror size of image formed is always equal to the size of object?

1) Convex mirror
2) Concave mirror
3) Plane mirror
4) Both convex and concave mirror
Correct Answer: Plane mirror
QID : 86 – Mass of a hydrogen atom is how many time the mass of an electron?

1) 1000

2) 8000

3) 1837

4) 5000
Correct Answer: 1837
QID : 87 – Which of the following are Fabrics that may contain polyester?

I. Polycot
II. Polywool
III. Terrycot

1) Only I and II
2) Only I and III
3) Only II and III
4) All I, II and III
Correct Answer: All I, II and III

QID : 88 – Which of the following term does NOT represent electrical power in circuit?

1) I2R

2) IR2 

3) VI

4) V2/R
Correct Answer: IR2 
QID : 89 – A positively charged particle projected towards west is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. What is the direction of magnetic field?

1) toward south
2) toward east
3) downward
4) upward
Correct Answer: upward

QID : 90 – Which of the following is NOT positively charged?

1) Alpha particle
2) Proton
3) Helium nucleus
4) Electron
Correct Answer: Electron
QID : 91 – Which is a water soluble Vitamin?

1) Vitamin A
2) Vitamin C
3) Vitamin D
4) Vitamin K
Correct Answer: Vitamin C
QID : 92 – SSC-Jniour-engineer

1) I-3, II-2, III-1

2) I-1, II-2, III-3

3) I-3, II-1, III-2

4) I-2, II-1, III-3
Correct Answer: I-3, II-2, III-1
QID : 93 – How many number of chambers are there in human heart?

1) Two
2) Three
3) Four
4) Five
Correct Answer: Four

QID : 94 – Which of the following is NOT present in a matured stomata?

1) Plasmodesma
2) Chloroplast
3) Cell wall
4) Vacuole
Correct Answer: Plasmodesma

QID : 95 – What is/are the cause(s) of arise hypermetropia?

1) Excessive curvature of the eye lens.
2) Elongation of the eye ball.
3) Focal length of the eye lens is too long.
4) No option is correct.
Correct Answer: Focal length of the eye lens is too long.

QID : 96 – Antibiotics are useful for which type of infections?

1) Only bacteria
2) Only virus
3) Both bacteria and virus
4) Neither bacteria nor virus
Correct Answer: Only bacteria

QID : 97 – Which one of the following is NOT responsible for water shortage?

1) Rapid growth of industries
2) Increasing population
3) Forestation
4) Mismanagement of water resources
Correct Answer: Forestation
QID : 98 – Which gas is major contributor to greenhouse effect?

1) Carbon dioxide
2) Chloroflurocarbon
3) Sulphur dioxide
4) Nitrogen dioxide
Correct Answer: Carbon dioxide
QID : 99 – Which of the following is NOT a major problem in development of resources?

1) Depletion of resources for satisfying the greed of few individuals.
2) Accumulation of resources in few hands.
3) An equitable distribution of resources.
4) Indiscriminate exploitation of resources.
Correct Answer: An equitable distribution of resources.

QID : 100 – Which of the following is NOT man made ecosystem?

1) Orchards
2) Home aquarium
3) Botanical gardens
4) Grassland
Correct Answer: Grassland