SolidWorks Tutorial 1

Hello I am Sazid Ahmad & Today I am going to Discuss SolidWorks.Here is my  first lecture on SolidWorks. This is  SolidWorks Tutorial 1.Let’s talk about an Important question.

What is Solid Works?

Well, SolidWorks is computer-aided design (CAD) software owned by Dassault Systèmes. It uses the principle of parametric design and generates three kinds of interconnected files: the part, the assembly, and the drawing. Therefore, any modification to one of these three files will be reflected in the other two.

Founder Jon Hirschtick started working on SolidWorks in 1993 with a team of developers in order to make CAD more accessible.

In 1995, the first version of the software was published.

In 1997, Dassault Systèmes became the major shareholder and continued to develop the software’s tools.

Solidworks helps you perform 2D and 3D modelling, and this CAD software is known for its ease-of-use and intuitiveness.

SolidWorks software enables you to:

  • design very precise 3D objects
  • develop products
  • double-check your file’s design
  • maintain a library of your 3D files
  • create 2D drawings.
  • create images and animations of your 3D objects
  • estimate the manufacturing cost of your 3D objects

Basic of SolidWorks

Let’s learn about the SolidWorks Interface.

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To start any New Design

  • Click on “NEW”. You can choose “OPEN” to modify your previous design.


  • As I have told you SolidWorks generates three kinds of interconnected files: the part, the assembly, and the drawing.You can refer above figure.


  • Parts: 3D representations of a single design components. 3D पार्ट्स को design करने के लिए Parts का use किया जाता है।


  • Assembly: 3D arrangement of Parts and/ or other assemblies. एक से ज्यादा parts को combine, join या assemble करने के लिए Assembly का use किया जाता है।


  • Drwaing: 2D engineering drawing (AutoCad के जैसा), typically of a part or assembly.

Let’s us start DRAWING using SolidWorks.

To do that;

  • First you need to Click “NEW” to create new the design.
  • Then click “Part” to start designing. SolidWorks Interface will occcur on screen. Let’s us see through image how exactly it will look like.IMG 20211221 005117
  • This is how interface will looks. It contains many useful tools & important options. We will discuss it later.
  • Now Select/Change Units. As per your choice whether you want your design in MKS, CGS, MMGS or Inches units.
  • After selecting the “Units” you are ready to draw your design.

Let’s Talk about Our topic 2: Sketch , Pane & Relations

To understand these terms. Let’s draw a simple 2D figure.

  • Click New
  • Click Part
  • SolidWorks Interface will occcur on the screen.



When you open a new part document, first you create a sketch. The sketch is the basis for a 3D model.

किसी भी drawing को draw करने के लिए 2D tools की जरूरत परती है, उसे हम SKETCH कहते है।

  • To draw any drawing you need to select “Sketch”IMG 20211221 011450

Before you select Sketch, you need to select the Plane.

You can create a sketch on any of the default planes (Front Plane, Top Plane, and Right Plane), or a created plane.

Examples of Planes

I) Front Plane

II) Top Plane

III) Right Planeimages 2


You need to select any one of these Planes to draw your drawing.

You can start by selecting:

Sketch entity tools (line, circle, and so on).  As you will select any of these planes.

A window will pop-up with following options

  1. Sketch
  2. Show
  3. Zoom to section
  4. Normal

Suppose you select Front Plane to draw your drawing. Whatsoever you will draw it will be drwan in the Front Plane.

Suppose We make a drawing in Front Plane.

  • Select Line. Here we have two Lines.
  1. Center Line: Used as reference point.
  2. Main Line: Used to draw line from any where in the plane consider ORIGIN (also known as 0,0 coordinates).

जहां तक चाहो Line को drop किया जा सकता है। As you will sktech the line. It will show you its dimension.

Here you can used SMART DIMENSION option to insert dimensions.



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