When the pit mould is employed?

Question-AnswerCategory: Manufacturing/ProductionWhen the pit mould is employed?
SC asked 1 year ago

When the pit mould is employed?

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Sazid Ahmad answered 1 year ago

Pit Moulding:

  • It is used for very large casting work and done on the foundry floor.
  • A pit dug in a floor act as a lower flask [drag] and top flask [cope] is placed over the pit.
  • The walls of the pit are brick-lined and Plastered with loam sand and allowed to dry.
  • Sometimes pit bottom is rammed with 50-80 mm layer of coke to improve permeability of mould.
  • Vent pipes are run from this layer to the surface.
  • Coke is covered with backing sand.
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