Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringthe-outside-wall-of-a-refrigerated-storage-room-is-10m-long-and-3-m-high-and-is-constructed-with-100mm-concrete-block-k-0-935-w-m-c-and-10-cm-of-fi-ber-insulation-board-k-0-048w-m
Sumit asked 1 year ago

The outside wall of a refrigerated storage room is 10m long and 3 m high and is constructed with 100mm concrete block (k 0.935 W/[m °C]) and 10 cm of fi ber insulation board (k 0.048W/[m °C]). The inside of the room is at 10°C and the convective heat-transfer coeffi cient is 40 W/(m 2 K); the outside temperature is 30°C with a convective heattransfer coeffi cient of 10 W/(m 2 K) on the outside w

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