Question-AnswerCategory: Theory Of Machinesthe-motion-of-a-particle-is-given-by-a-t3-3t2-5-where-a-is-the-acceleration-in-m-s2-and-t-is-the-time-in-seconds-the-velocity-of-the-particle-at-t-1-second-is-6-25-m-s-and-the-displ
John asked 4 months ago

The motion of a particle is given by a = t3 – 3t2 + 5, where a is the accelerationin m/s2 and t is the time in seconds. The velocity of the particle at t = 1 second is 6.25 m/s, and thedisplacement is 8.30 metres. Calculate the displacement and the velocity at t = 2 seconds.

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