Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringsteam-with-80-quality-is-being-used-to-heat-a-40-total-solids-tomato-puree-as-it-fl-ows-through-a-steam-injection-heater-at-a-rate-of-400-kg-h-the-steam-is-generated-at-169-06-kpa-and-is-fl-owing
arya asked 1 year ago

Steam with 80% quality is being used to heat a 40% total solids tomato purée as it fl ows through a steam injection heater at a rate of 400 kg/h. The steam is generated at 169.06 kPa and is fl owing to the heater at a rate of 50 kg/h. If the specifi c heat of the product is 3.2 kJ/(kg K), determine the temperature of the product leaving the heater when the initial temperature is 50°C. Determine the total solids content of the product after heating. Assume the specifi c heat of the heated purée is 3.5 kJ/(kg°C).

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