Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringin-a-multilayered-rectangular-wall-the-thermal-resistance-of-the-fi-rst-layer-is-0-005c-w-the-resistance-of-the-second-layer-is-0-2c-w-and-for-the-third-layer-it-is-0-1c-w-the

In a multilayered rectangular wall, the thermal resistance of the fi rst layer is 0.005°C/W, the resistance of the second layer is 0.2°C/W, and for the third layer it is 0.1°C/W. The overall temperature gradient in the multilayered wall from one side to another is 70°C. a. Determine the heat fl ux through the wall. b. If the thermal resistance of the second layer is doubled to 0.4°C/W, what will be its infl uence in % on the heat fl ux,

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