Create a folder named LastName_FirstName (ex. Reyes_Mark) in your local drive. 2. Create a new project named TaskPerf7. Set the project location to your own folder. 3. Extend the JFrame class and implement either the MouseListener interface or the KeyListener interface. 4. Add Swing components to the JFrame such as the following: • JLabel • JTextField • JButton • JCheckBox • JComboBox 5. Add events to your components by placing statements within the methods listed below. MouseListener interface methods: • mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) • mouseEntered(MouseEvent e) • mouseExited(MouseEvent e) • mousePressed(MouseEvent e) • mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) KeyListener interface methods: • keyPressed(KeyEvent e) • keyTyped(KeyEvent e) • keyReleased(KeyEvent e)