Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringconsider-an-ice-chest-with-the-following-dimensions-length-50-cm-width-40-cm-and-height-30-cm-made-of-a-3-cm-thick-insulating-material-k-0-033-w-m-c-the-chest-is-fi-lled-wi
arya asked 1 year ago

Consider an ice chest with the following dimensions: length 50 cm, width 40 cm, and height 30 cm, made of a 3 cm thick insulating material ( k 0.033 W/[m °C]). The chest is fi lled with 30 kg of ice at 0°C. The inner wall surface temperature of the ice chest is assumed to be constant at 0°C. The latent heat of fusion of ice is 333.2 kJ/kg. The outside wall surface temperature of the chest is assumed to remain constant at 25°C. How long would it take to completely melt the ice? Assume negligible heat transfer through the bottom surface.

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