Question-AnswerCategory: Heat And Mass Transfercalculate-the-net-heat-transfer-by-radiation-to-a-loaf-of-bread-in-an-oven-at-a-uniform-temperature-of-177c-if-the-emissivity-of-the-surface-of-the-loaf-is-0-85-using-eqn-5-11-compare-thi
Sumit kumar asked 1 year ago

Calculate the net heat transfer by radiation to a loaf of bread in an oven at a uniform temperature of 177°C, if the emissivity of the surface of the loaf is 0.85, using eqn. (5.11). Compare this result with that obtained by using eqn. (5.13). The total surface area and temperature of the loaf are respectively 0.0645 m2 and 100°C.

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