Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringan-8-m-3-batch-of-oil-with-specifi-c-heat-of-2-kj-kg-k-and-density-of-850-kg-m-3-is-being-heated-in-a-steam-jacketed-agitated-vessel-with-1-5-m-2-of-heating-surface-the-convective-heat-transfer
Sumit asked 1 year ago

An 8 m 3 batch of oil with specifi c heat of 2 kJ/(kg K) and density of 850 kg/m 3 is being heated in a steam-jacketed,agitated vessel with 1.5 m 2 of heating surface. The convective heat-transfer coeffi cient on the oil side is 500 W/(m 2 K), and 10,000 W/(m 2 K) on the steam side. If the steam temperature is 130°C and the initial temperature is 20°C, estimate the oil temperature after 10 minutes.

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