Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-walk-in-freezer-with-4m-width-6m-length-and-3m-height-is-being-built-the-walls-and-ceiling-contain-1-7mm-thick-stainless-steel-k-15w-m-c-10cm-thick-foam-insulation-k-0-036w-m
Sumit asked 1 year ago

A walk-in freezer with 4m width, 6m length, and 3m height is being built. The walls and ceiling contain 1.7mm thick stainless steel ( k 15W/[m °C]), 10cm thick foam insulation (k 0.036W/[m °C]), and some thickness of corkboard (k 0.043W/[m °C]) to be established, and 1.27cm-thicknesswood siding ( k 0.104W/[m °C]). The inside of the freezer is maintained at 40°C. Ambient air outside the freezer is at 32°C. The convective heat-transfer coeffi cient is 5W/(m2 K) on the wood side of the wall and 2W/(m2 K) on the steel side. If the outside air has a dew point of 29°C, calculate the thickness of corkboard insulation that would prevent condensation of moisture on the outside wall of the freezer. Calculate the rate of heat transfer through the walls and ceiling of this freezer.

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