Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-stainless-steel-pipe-k-15-w-m-c-with-a-2-5-cm-inner-diameter-and-5-cm-outer-diameter-is-being-used-to-convey-high-pressure-steam-the-pipe-is-covered-with-a-5-cm-layer-of-insulation
arya asked 1 year ago

A stainless steel pipe ( k 15 W/[m °C]) with a 2.5 cm inner diameter and 5 cm outer diameter is being used to convey high-pressure steam. The pipe is covered with a 5 cm layer of insulation ( k 0.18W/[m °C]). The inside steel pipe surface temperature is 300°C, and the outside insulation surface temperature is 90°C. a. Determine the rate of heat transfer per meter length of the pipe. b. The insulation selected for the purpose has a melting temperature of 220°C. Should you be concerned about the integrity of the insulation for the listed conditions?

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