Question-AnswerCategory: Heat And Mass Transfera-process-is-under-consideration-in-which-large-cylindrical-meat-sausages-are-to-be-processed-in-an-autoclave-the-sausage-may-be-taken-as-thermally-equivalent-to-a-cylinder-30-cm-long-and-10-cm-in
Sumit Kumar asked 1 year ago

A process is under consideration in which large cylindrical meat sausages are to be processed in an autoclave. The sausage may be taken as thermally equivalent to a cylinder 30 cm long and 10 cm in diameter. If the sausages are initially at a temperature of 21°C and the temperature in the autoclave is maintained at 116°C, estimate the temperature of the sausage at its centre 2 h after it has been placed in the autoclave

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