Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-plain-piece-of-insulation-board-is-used-to-reduce-the-heat-loss-from-a-hot-furnace-wall-into-the-room-one-surface-of-the-board-is-at-100c-and-the-other-surface-is-at-20c-it-is-desire
arya asked 1 year ago

A plain piece of insulation board is used to reduce the heat loss from a hot furnace wall into the room. One surface of the board is at 100°C and the other surface is at 20°C. It is desired to keep the heat loss down to 120W/m2 of the insulation board. If the thermal conductivity of the board is 0.05W/(m °C), calculate the required thickness of the board.

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