Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-countercurrent-heat-exchanger-is-being-used-to-heat-a-liquid-food-from-15-to-70c-the-heat-exchanger-has-a-23-mm-internal-diameter-and-10m-length-with-an-overall-heat-transfer-coeffi-cient
Sumit asked 1 year ago

A countercurrent heat exchanger is being used to heat a liquid food from 15 to 70°C. The heat exchanger has a 23 mm internal diameter and 10m length with an overall heat-transfer coeffi cient, based on the inside area, of 2000 W/(m 2 K). Water,the heating medium, enters the heat exchanger at 95°C, and leaves at 85°C. Determine the fl ow rates for product and water that will provide the conditions described. Use specifi c heats of 3.7 kJ/(kg K) for product and 4.18 kJ/(kg K) for water.

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