Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-cold-storage-wall-3-m-6-m-is-constructed-of-15-cm-thick-concrete-ther-example-4-8-mal-conductivity-1-37-w-m-c-insulation-must-be-provided-to-maintain-a-heat-transfer-rate-throug
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A cold storage wall (3 m 6 m) is constructed of 15 cm thick concrete (ther- Example 4.8 mal conductivity 1.37 W/[m °C]). Insulation must be provided to maintain a heat transfer rate through the wall at or below 500 W ( Fig. E4.8 ). If the thermal conductivity of the insulation is 0.04 W/(m °C), compute the required thickness of the insulation. The outside surface temperature of the wall is 38°C, and the inside wall temperature is 5°C.

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