Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-20-cm-diameter-cooking-pan-is-placed-on-a-stove-the-pan-is-made-of-steel-k-15-w-mc-and-it-contains-water-boiling-at-98c-the-bottom-plate-of-the-pan-is-0-4-cm-thick-the-insi
arya asked 1 year ago

A 20 cm diameter cooking pan is placed on a stove. The pan is made of steel ( k 15 W/[m°C]), and it contains water boiling at 98°C. The bottom plate of the pan is 0.4 cm thick. The inside surface temperature of the bottom plate, in contact with water, is 105°C. a. If the rate of heat transfer through the bottom plate is 450 W, determine the outside surface temperature of the bottom plate exposed to the heating stove. b. Determine the convective heat-transfer coeffi cient for boiling water.

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