Question-AnswerCategory: Food Engineeringa-1-cm-thick-steel-pipe-1m-long-with-an-internal-diameter-of-5-cm-is-covered-with-4-cm-thick-insulation-the-inside-wall-temperature-of-the-steel-pipe-is-100c-the-ambient-temperature-aroun
Sumit asked 1 year ago

A 1 cm thick steel pipe, 1m long, with an internal diameter of 5 cm is covered with 4 cm thick insulation. The inside wall temperature of the steel pipe is 100°C. The ambient temperature around the insulated pipe is 20°C. The convective heat-transfer coeffi cient on the outer insulated surface is 50 W/(m 2 K). Calculate the temperature at the steel insulation interface. The thermal conductivity of steel is 54 W/(m K), and the thermal conductivity of insulation is 0.04 W/(m K).

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