Chegg Guidelines Test Questions Answers

Chegg Guidelines Test Questions Answers

In this article, you will get Chegg Guidelines Test Questions with 100% correct answers. 

1. What is the idea CF score on chegg dashboard?
Ans: 80% or above

2. What is the minimum number of questions to be solved to be eligible for the payment?
Ans: 1

3. Under what category should you skip the question if you don’t know the answer?
Ans: I don’t have the subject knowledge

4. For how many questions are you paid?
Ans: For all the correct answers.

5. What is the CF score?
Ans: total percent of likes got in a current month.

6. How many questions can you skip?
Ans: As many as you want.

7. What type of answers can you submit?
Ans: both image and typed.

8. What is the time alloted to answer the question?
Ans: 120 minutes.

9. What is the time alloted to decide whether you want to answer the question or not?
Ans: 10 minutes.

10. What to do if the question contains Exam or test?
Ans: skip the question under spam.

11.How many images you can upload in an answer?

Ans: As many as you want, provided the size of each image is less than 2 MB

12.What may cause revocation of your answering privileges?

Ans: Any violation of our Honor Code would result in revocation of your answering privileges

13.What activities lead to revocation of Answering privileges? Select all relevant options possible.

a. Submitting incorrect & incomplete answers b. Plagiarism c.Posting comments/suggestions instead of an answer d. All the above

Ans: All the above

14.While submitting a handwritten answer, is it mandatory to write a short summary of the answer?

a. No b. Yes c. Only if specifically mentioned by the student d. Depends on the answerer Answer

Ans: B. Yes.

It is nice to write short summary of answer at the end so that student can summarizes whole answer at the end.





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